Reduced maintenance
and repair costs
Reduced total
manpower needs
Greatly reduced
fuel costs
Reduced noise
Greatly reduced emissions

The first ever frac pump technology engineered with both Brawn and Brains.

The digiFrac is an extraordinary culmination of industry insight, unmatched design, advanced AI technology, and innovative vision, unlike the oil & gas industry has ever seen. ST9’s digiFrac brings more power, more control, and more performance to your frac site with an efficiency that will leave you with only one question – when can I get a fleet…or four?

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digiFrac flexes its muscle for the toughest territories

  • LONGEVITY: projected operation of 23 hours per day for 10 years
  • FORCE: 5,500 intermittent HP / 4,000 continuous HP per pump eliminate costs related to engines and transmissions
  • STAMINA: 7-plunger pump configuration reduces kinematic ripple and produces 40% more internal fluid area to dissipate energy


digiFrac uses next-gen technology to meet today’s challenges

  • INTUITIVE: AI monitors and adjusts automatically for the unique and dynamic challenges of any frac job
  • EFFECTIVE: Clean, efficient solution for pressure pumping operations
  • FRIENDLY: Capable of utilizing clean fuel sources from multiple electric generation system types
  • SMART: AI and remote control capabilities reduce onsite footprint and headcount
  • SUBTLE: Minimal sound pressure in operations area with no disruption to community