Power Ends

6.353 : 1
Gear Ratio
Rod Load

In a market still hungry for an adequate product,
ST9 has created a superlative one.

Truly great products arise from the point where respect for the fundamentals meets true innovation. The ST9 XGEN 2500 power end is an example of what can be achieved where others have failed. We saw “competitive” designs flex and crack, so we built ours stronger. Construction from wider webs and a beefier noseplate gives the XGEN 2500 no-nonsense rigidity. Advanced internal geometry with proprietary transverse reinforcement ensures our power end resists flexion under the heaviest abuse. The moving parts of the XGEN 2500 are equipped with bearings combining the highest technology and greatest load bearing area possible. All of this while fitting on a standard frac trailer.

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  • Industry’s most formidable construction
  • Advanced internal geometry
  • State-of-the-art bearing technology
  • Strongest available power end for standard form factor

Superiority, Simplified:

+37% in strength 

ST9 is the industry leader for performance, cost, and quality. We have taken great measures to attain this position, and our team works tirelessly to maintain our superiority every day. Through that, we sustain our customers’ continued satisfaction.